mercredi 14 septembre 2016

Let's have a cat subway ride to Clapham Common !

Just Purfect Cat advertising by Lulu December en anglais dans le texte !

As a rescued adopted cat I, Lulu, decided today to write my first article in english ! Why ? To purr all my cat admiration to  James Turner and the Glimpse collectif for their stunning and creative action project.  And of course Cats are part of it because what else but Us can rise money ( this campaign could happen thanks to a crowdfounfing ) and make the internet go crazy  !!!  In cat-cooperation  with Cat Protection and Battersea, two  english animal protection associations, they launch a cat adoption bilboard campaign in London subway station Clapham Common ( South London) for the next two weeks !  Advertising that sells nothing but give a positive image of itself !  Just brilliant !
Unfornatunately due to quarantine between France and England me Lulu won't see it in real  but no matter what all the cats of the world purr and meow thank you to James Turner and all his team  !!!
 And may the next campaign be shot and launched with the adopted cats and their new humans!

  God save the cats!

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